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So here is the new site.  Recently I have been creating new sites for clients and thought it was time my own got a little makeover.  Lots to talk about here from where we have been to where we are going.   I am so proud of the work I have been doing with clients and especially the styled shoots with Brio Art by Katie Fears.  Katie is truly a gifted photographer and captures those images that draw you in and tease you to want more. I am excited to see where this takes us.  Check out the images under brand styling.


What I have learned lately is that it is great to inspire others but it is also important to find your own inspiration.  Looking ahead I know I want to do more styling and really telling BRAND stories through compelling and gorgeous images.  I want to plan + style + host more events that introduce great brands to great people.  And finally, I just want to keep doing what I do and having fun in the process.

So stay tuned to the blog for business ideas, cool projects we are working on, and a little bit of inspiration of your own!