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Your BRAND story must be different and better than the guy doing the same thing you do across town or maybe even down the street. We specialize in getting people to pay attention to your BRAND.  We give them a memorable and compelling reason to do business with you. BRANDtabulous is an integrated design and marketing firm, specializing in brand development. We believe that collaborating with like-minded clients and sharing their history and vision is the only way to tell your story.  The power of brand storytelling lies in how we translate your vision but more importantly how it relates to your audience.  Through simple storytelling and a consistent message we create an emotional connection that builds lasting value!


people are talking

We love it when our customers are happy with smiles on their faces. It’s even better when they tell us how happy they are and what BRANDtabulous did for them! The best part is you get to see exactly what people who’ve worked with us think of us!

  • Having worked with consultants before I must say Jerrod knows his stuff and how to share it. What he did that no one else has ever done was listen to what we do here and bring the customer to the table. It is so easy to forget that we are not in this alone. [non-profit founder]
  • Whew, what a day! Jerrod is so full of ideas my hand cramped trying to write as fast as he spoke. [coffee shop owner]
  • Jerrod made me get up and go out to tell the community what I do. He reminded me why I got started and why I come to work every day. [Cold Stone franchisee]
  • Jerrod inspired us, made us laugh, and kicked our asses at the same time. [housing industry]
  • Jerrod’s enthusiasm is contagious. He continually brought fun ideas that were easily executed and replicable in other markets. Under Jerrod’s directions the Minneapolis market became a leader in the country for live events of [ Marketing Manager]
  • Jerrod, thank you so much for the work we have done together. I have such great pride in handing out my card and starting the conversation with what I do. You are a lifesaver and genius. [salon owner]