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Brand Storyteller

Creative Director

Aesthetic Editor

Jerrod's ability to attract, encourage, mentor, and market great makers is a thing to behold. Although, his greatest gift might be his infectious, tangible joy in bringing more beauty into a wider world. To spend time with him is to experience a veritable whirlwind of creative energy and extensive business knowledge. He is an utter delight and an expert in the world of artisan makers. 
-- Joy Summers, Editor EATER
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​I love to celebrate and lift up makers through storytelling and experiential retail. I know brick and mortar retail is alive and well and critical to the success of small, maker-made brands.

People talk...

Jerrod is sought after for his understanding and promotion of the modern American-made maker movement. “Jerrod’s dedication to telling and championing the American Maker story is unrivaled” – Martha Stewart Living

l am a retail evangelist! I know brick and mortar is alive and well and folks are looking for unforgettable shopping experiences.
Let me help you share your story and the story of your goods! 

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