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Hats I Wear

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Creative Director

Rose & Loon

Rosedale Center

We believe the “maker movement” is here to stay. Rose & Loon works with our collective to give them not just a place to sell their wares but a place to share their stories with pride, passion and purpose. Rose & Loon has curated a collection that supports our makers through collaborations, resources and partnerships. We are dedicated to growing the makers' brands as they work to build their own businesses.

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Maker Whisperer


We are in the middle of a maker revolution and I am thrilled to say I work with a butcher, a baker, and a candlestick maker and everything in between.  From sparkling jewels to liqueurs I could outfit, feed you and make you feel great about yourself just with my clients.

If you have a story to tell beyond your label and logo then let me tell that story.

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Aesthetic Editor

Minnesota Monthly &

Midwest Home 

Host At the Maker's Table, candid chats with makers sharing the meaning behind their making.

listen here

Curate The Goods for Minnesota Monthly, featuring Minnesota Made goods.

Curate The Collective for Midwest Home, featuring Midwest Makers and artists working in the design field. 

view here

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